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I’m a writer, a researcher, and an award-winning newspaper reporter.


My friends kept encouraging me to write more seriously. They liked reading my emails, which were my casual observations about people, places, and life’s ironic moments.

"Your sentences have rhythm. Why aren't you writing professionally?," one friend asked.

Another friend, who had taught creative writing at Penn State, kept pestering me to write at a much higher level. When I didn't, she finally said, "John, if you don't start writing, I'm not going to answer your calls. So don’t bother reaching out to me until I see your rough draft of a short story.”

Prior to writing, I worked for Silicon Valley firms like Intel, and eventually, I worked at several start-ups. It was undeniably exciting - breathing the rarefied air of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and collaborating with lots of super smart, hard-charging people. Most were intent on ‘disruption’ of existing business models and getting massively rich in the process. But, after getting my fill of the relentless fast-paced lifestyle, I knew my heart really wasn't in it. By then, chasing after the next unicorn had lost its luster.

“...the fact remains that … the average person you’re writing for is an acute, sensitive, attentive, sophisticated reader who will appreciate adroitness, precision, economy, and clarity. Not always, but I think the vast majority of the time.” David Foster Wallace, American author

After taking time to reflect on what to do next, I managed to find a reporting job at couple of Silicon Valley weekly newspapers. I had no prior journalism training, but somehow I picked it up faster than I expected. After more than a year in the newsroom, and with a journalism award to boot, I started traveling again. My freelance life was born.

These days, I ghostwrite for attorneys for the San Francisco marketing and content firm, Practice Alchemy. I write blog articles and other web content for a range of legal practice areas including environmental, internet, Amazon marketplace sellers, government defense contracts, bankruptcy strategies, and construction law.

I've also been a researcher on two book projects: "Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way to Happiness," by Anna Akbari. And, “Managing Transitions, 25th anniversary edition: Making the Most of Change,” by William Bridges, with Susan Bridges. Both books are available on Amazon.

Writing is a way of looking at the world and noting what we find. But, we rarely know the full scope of what we think and feel until we actually write it down. Writing at its best conveys ideas that transform us - and the world.

I look forward to helping you craft your story. Please contact me. I’m at your service to bring forth your best ideas and make them unforgettable.